Top 10 Logo Redesigns from the Biggest Brands

A great logo is essential to a company’s success.  It is one of the most important elements in a company’s branding.  It attracts potential customers and clients, enabling them to remember and recognize the company.   Often, a company redesigns its logo to promote or update its image to the customer, and, if done right, it can pay off immensely.  Sometimes the redesign is subtle, and other times it can be a huge re-vamp of a company and its goals.  Here are a few logo redesigns from some of the biggest brands, in no particular order:

01. Pepsi Cola

Pepsi has had a lot of different looks over the years, and the latest is supposed to be a minimalist version of a smile.

02. Walmart

Walmart, formerly known as Wal-Mart, dropped the hyphen (or star), added a star burst, reverted to the original blue color, and went with a different font utilizing lowercase letters.

03. Starbucks

Designers always say simpler is better.  If a company is able to drop its name from the logo and just have a symbol that is recognized and linked to that company (i.e. Nike, Apple, etc.),  then that is quite impressive.  Starbucks believes they can do it, too.

04. Delta

Delta started with two lines in the logo, then they dropped “Air Lines,” then changed the colors a bit, and now the font has changed to a sans serif font in all caps and new colors with a more dimensional “arrow.”

05. Seattle’s Best Coffee

A complete redesign from the vintage look to a simpler, modern approach that is easily marketable.

06. Apple

The logo started with Sir Isaac Newton, then became an apple with a bite out of it and rainbow colors to make it more vibrant and personal, then the minimalist approach for branding reasons, and up to the current logo in its modern, iconic glory.

07. British Petroleum

British Petroleum shortened its name to BP and had a shield for its logo, then, in 2001, they went in a completely different direction and made a logo that has been associated with the sun as well as the sunflower, trying to evoke a sense of environmental connectedness and awareness, and they added a modern font for the company name.

08. BusinessWeek

BusinessWeek simply dropped the blue line and went with a bolder, sans serif font.

09. Xerox

Xerox no longer wanted to be known as the document company, but they wanted to be modern and relevant, so they dropped the tagline and shifted to a lowercase font while adding a 3D sphere with an “X” on it, made out of, what they call, “lines of connections.”

10. AT&T

The logo needed to change stylistically to be relevant, and now it is a 3D globe with a modern, lowercase font.


So, what do you think of the new logo redesigns?

Is your company logo current and relevant to the latest marketing trends?

Is your logo communicating the right message to the public?

Color, font, design–all are important in communicating effectively, and I will have more on these aspects in other posts.



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